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Cannot proceed 300 device not allowed

in LoadCentral App Issues
Device Not Allowed error only happens when you recently did a factory reset or reformatted your Android device. Once you use your retailer account to access the LoadCentral Android App, you are also enrolling the device ID of that Android phone or tablet into the LoadCentral system. As a result you will only be able to access your account using this specific Android device. It’s one of the security features that LoadCentral set in to the application.

The moment you do a factory reset or reformatted your Android device, it will generate new device ID which will not match your registered account ID on the LoadCentral system. Therefore, your account will not be allowed to be accessed using that same Android device.

How to resolve this issue?

text RESETDROID [space] SMS Password send to any LoadCentral Access Numbers

If SMS doesnt work, do this instead

Open a support ticket online at http://support.epins.biz and provide the following :

  • Full Name
  • LoadCentral Username or LoadCentral Registered Mobile #
  • Message : "Please reset my LoadCentral Android App Access"
  • Attach 1 Valid ID



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