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LoadCentral Security Key Authenticator

in LoadCentral Account Security

⭐️ If you HAVEN’T or DIDN’T activate the Security Key, LEAVE IT BLANK while logging in on the LoadCentral Webtool

The Security Key Authenticator is the six (6) digit number shown on the downloadable security application that will be used to authenticate the user on every login. Each number is randomly generated and unique that is valid only within 1 hour after the key is generated. The generated code has to be entered before logging in.

The Security Key Authenticator can be downloaded on a PC or an android device. You will need to pair first the serial number displayed on the App to your account located on the secure button/link after successful login on your account.

To use and activate these feature do the following

STEP 1 : Download the Authenticator HERE and install.
STEP 2 : Logon to your LoadCentral account using webtool (www.loadcentral.net)
STEP 3 : Click Security Button/ Security Key Link.
STEP 4 : Click on “YES” on the type you wish to activate.
STEP 5 : Type the Serial Number shown on the Authenticator App on the corresponding text box.
STEP 6 : Click Save Settings.

The next time you login, you need to generate code on the Authenticator App and type it on the Security Key Field.

How to Disable the LoadCentral Security Key Authenticator?

To disable the Authenticator, Select the “NO” radio button and click Save Settings.


EPINS.BIZ PASSKEY IS DIFFERENT FROM LOADCENTRAL SECURITY KEY AUTHENTICATOR. Mag-kaiba po yon. Ang ePins.biz ePins.biz Passkey is also a system generated alphanumeric character na provide po sa iyo. Para lang po ito sa sa mga mag re-register sa site namin for loadcentral account related assistance.

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