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Before submitting a support ticket, please make a reasonable effort to search our website for the information you are looking for. Our Knowledge Base Section below may give you the answers you seek before opening a support ticket for information that is readily available on our website.

LoadCentral Wallet Deposit Refunds

Without any exception, we have a NO LOADCENTRAL WALLET DEPOSIT REFUND Policy. For this reason, we strongly recommend that before depositing any amount to to any Wild Concepts Innovative Works bank accounts for your LoadCentral wallet, please make sure that you are registered under ePins.biz or ePins.biz Loadcentral is your dealer.

In case you’ve deposited to any of the Wild Concepts Innovative Works bank accounts and you are not under ePins.biz LoadCentral, you will be asked to register a new mobile number. Once registered, you must follow the ePins.biz Deposit Verification Procedure in order for us to credit your deposited amount to your new LoadCentral retailer account registered under ePins.biz

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We understand that you might require support at some point and we are here to help. If you cant find answers and solutions to more complicated technical LoadCentral account issues, please open a support ticket online at http://support.epins.biz.

When opening a support ticket make sure to choose the appropriate help topic before submitting your ticket to avoid response delays and include as many details as you can (with screenshot if possible).

The more information you provide to us, the better and faster we will be able to help you. The less information you provide, the more questions we will need to ask you, which will take time and result in it taking longer to fix things.