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Globe GCash

What is G-Cash?
G-Cash is a service that turns your cellphone into an electronic wallet and it is a first from Globe!. With GCash, Globe and TM subscribers can easily and conveniently send and receive cash and make payments, just by texting. It’s fast, secure, and reliable.

How do I activate my GCash service?
To register , send REG(space)4-digit M-PIN/Mother’s Maiden Name/First Name/Last Name/Address/Tel No. with area code to 2882.
You will then receive a text message saying that you have successfully registered.

Important Note: When you register your name (and other details) make sure it matches the information that will be seen on your valid I.D (Examples of Valid IDs: drivers license, SSS card with photo, Postal ID).

How do i cash-in my GCash wallet for payments?
You can go to any Globe Business Centers or any G-Cash outlets.Authorized G-Cash Outlets : 7-Eleven , Tambunting Pawnshop, 2GO, Villarica Pawnshop, SM Department Stores.

For Globe Business Centers

Fill up a G-Cash service form (name, amount to be cashed-out and mobile number of subscriber).

Present required identification to the frontliner (please see attached list of valid ID’s).

Subscriber pays processing fee (For amounts below P1,000 there is a flat P10.00 fee. For amounts P1,000 and above, 1% of amount will be the fee, for ex. P10.00 for every P1,000.00 being cashed-out).

Frontliner will write down a unique transaction code on the service form.

The business center will send a text message to the subscriber requesting to deduct the G-Cash from their wallet. The subscriber simply has to reply with his MPIN to confirm.

Frontliner will then print an acknowledgement receipt for the cash-out and an official receipt for the transaction fee.

Subscriber receives the cash. Note: Maximum cash-out is Php 10,000 (which is also maximum amount that a regular subscriber’s G-Cash wallet can hold at any given time).

For authorized G-Cash outlet

Fill up a service form (ex. name, amount to be cashed-out and mobile number of subscriber).

Subscriber presents required identification to the frontliner.

Subscriber pays processing fee (this will depend on each outlet). He can either pay it in cash or include it in the G-Cash amount that will be sent to the outlet’s mobile phone no.

Frontliner will show outlet’s authorized mobile number to subscriber.

Subscriber sends the following message: and send to 2882+<10 digit mobile number of authorized outlet>

Subscriber receives the cash from authorized outlet.

Note: minimum and maximum cash-out depends on each outlet.

How do I send G-CASH to a Globe or Touch Mobile subscriber?
Just send the following message: (amount to be sent) (M-PIN) (70 character message) and send to 2882+(10 digit mobile number of recipient. 70 character message is optional.

Are there any limits to the amount of transactions?
Minimum amount for person-to-person transfer is P1.00. However, minimum cash-out or cash-in transaction will depend on the outlet where you are cashing-in or cashing-out.For Globe Business Centers, there is no minimum cash-in and cash-out amount. However, the fee for cash-in/cash-out transactions below P1,000 will be a flat P10.00 while for transactions P1,000 and above, the fee will be 1% of the amount being cashed-in/out (Ex. P10.00 for a P1,000.00 transaction). Maximum cash-in and cash-out at a Globe Business Center is P10,000.Maximum amount for single cash-in, cash-out, or person-to-person transfer transaction is Php 10,000. A subscriber can accumulate only a maximum of Php 10,000 worth of G-cash in his wallet; thereafter he must cash-out or transfer G-cash to another person before he can accept more G-Cash. Maximum amount of cash-out or person-to-person transfer per subscriber per day, regardless of number of transactions, is Php 40,000. Maximum amount that can be transacted, regardless of number of transactions, within a month is P100,000.

How do i change my MPIN?
Type CHG [old MPIN] [new MPIN] and send to 2882.

G-Cash Hotline
Using your mobile dial 2882
Using your landline dial 7392882