Passkey Passkey is formerly known as Account Security code. We’ve decided to re-name it to avoid confusion with the LoadCentral Security Key Authenticator.

What is the Passkey for?

The passkey is an extra security measure for all LoadCentral Retailers & Subdealers. Aside from your valid government issued I.D. Passkey is required to open a support ticket online at to report any LoadCentral account related issues, account modification requests, mobile & webtool password requests & etc.

We will not process any account modification requests without your Passkey especially if the request is LoadCentral wallet balance related and account access related This is for you and your account’s safety.

Where can i find my Passkey?

Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an SMS confirmation and the copy of the registration details that you’ve submitted to us via email. Scroll down the email and you will fine your Passkey at the bottom.

I didn’t receive an email

If you don’t appear to have received your registration details via email, please check your spam / junk folders as they can often end up in there. This is especially true if you are using one of the many free email providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.) Read this article for instructions on how to add to your ‘Approved Sender’s List’

I checked my spam / junk folders the email isn’t there

Please open a support ticket online at so we can re-send you your registration details.

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