PayMaya for LoadCentral Wallet Replenishment

March 15, 2019  12:26 pm Now Accepts PayMaya for LoadCentral Wallet Replenishment

UNIWIZ stopped accepting Smart Padala effective last March 2008. We have been accepting PayMaya for LoadCentral Wallet Replenishment even before that. This is just to make it official. As ussual, this is EXCLUSIVELY for LoadCentral Retailers and Subdealers registered under

PAYMAYA UPDATE – Announced 15 AUG 2018

PayMaya 15 AUG 2018 Advisory This PayMaya Advisory was announced via SMS last 15 AUG 2018. Effective 15 SEPT 2018, you can only send MAXIMUM 5 (five) transactions per day and the TOTAL per month is MAXIMUM 30 (thirty) transactions.

We strongly suggest avoid sending multiple transactions per day so you can stretch your ability to send funds for your LoadCentral wallet till the end of the month. Should you have any questions please contact

UNIWIZ UPDATE Posted 18 JUL  2018

PayMaya is accepted in all 7-11 branches NATIONWIDE and you don’t need to have a PayMaya account. Just go to a 7-11 branch nearest you and provide our PayMaya Mobile#.

Effective July 01, 2018 only Add Money Codes are accepted in all 7-11 branches nationwide. You have to give a UNIQUE Add Money Code that we should provide to the 7-11 cashier instead of our mobile#.

Apologies, but providing the Add Money Code is a not an option for us. Sa dami po nag papa load ng wallet using PayMaya – we are going to have a hard time catching up and this is going to be an added task for us. Also, aside from the unique codes, they’re only valid for 30 mins!

Bottom Line

You have to have the PayMaya app na po talaga to transfer funds for payment or for your LoadCentral wallet replenishment.

How to get PayMaya Mobile Number?

Please send us a message via Facebook Messenger – and provide your registered mobile number and purpose of your request.

Example :
FOR WALLET REPLENIHSMENT “639100000000 – PayMaya for Wallet Replenishment”
FOR PAYMENT : 639100000000 “PayMaya for Sim Activation”

Please understand that we won’t post our PayMaya account publicly just like our GCash Scan to Pay QR Code for us to be able to control all the incoming transactions.

⚠️ please wag pong pasaway at wag po natin sayangin ang ating effort. follow this simple instructions po to avoid delays. pati format dapat po start sa 63 hindi po 0 para madali po maverify and mobile#

Minimum Wallet Load


Maximum Wallet Load per transaction per day

P2000.00 ► convenience fee of P5.00 will be charge per additional P1.00 – P1,000

Verifying your PayMaya Transaction for your LoadCentral Account

Verify your PayMaya transaction for your LoadCentral Account Setup using ONLY our Payment Verification Form. SCREENSHOT of the transaction is MANDATORY.

Verifying your PayMaya Transaction for LoadCentral Wallet Replenishment

Verify your PayMaya transaction for your LoadCentral Wallet using ONLY our own Deposit Verification Form. SCREENSHOT of the transaction is MANDATORY.

When verifying your deposit, DO NOT use Facebook browser. Use Chrome, Opera or Safari. Please reminded that for security purposes we do not and will not verify any deposit transaction via Facebook Messenger.

Deposit Verification Cut-off Time

Please refer to deposit verification cut off times Article. Deposit Verification Cut-off Time is strictly implemented.

Payment Verification Cut-off Time

2:00pm daily. EXCLUDING Mondays, Weekends and Holidays.

Please Cooperate

Kindly please follow the simple instruction when requesting for our PayMaya account number to avoid delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you and Happy Loading! 😊

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