We have an important announcement regarding ePINs.biz Facebook Advisory Page (https://facebook.com/epinsbiz.advisory).

As of July 1, 2024, we have taken the page down and disabled it. This decision was made to lessen our workload and improve overall efficiency.

Impact on Transaction Verification

Many of you used this page for transaction verification for GCash, MAYA, and BPI transactions. We understand that this change might cause inconvenience, as the Facebook Advisory Page has been a convenient tool for many of you. However, we believe we have found a solution that will work better for everyone involved.

From now on, please refer to our main ePINs.biz Facebook Page for any advisories and announcements. This will be our primary channel for such updates. Make sure to follow or like the page and check it regularly for updates, as they may not always appear in your feed.

Survey Results: Choosing a New Platform

In recent weeks, we conducted a survey among our partners to determine the most convenient platform for transaction verification. We received numerous responses and appreciate the time and effort everyone took to participate. Based on the results, the majority preferred transitioning to Skype. This platform offers features and flexibility that will benefit both our partners and us, making the verification process smoother and more efficient.

Benefits of Transitioning to Skype

Transitioning to Skype will not only streamline our operations but also ensure that we can continue providing the best possible service. We are confident that this change will enhance our overall efficiency and support.

Guidelines for the Transition

We understand that any change can bring about concerns and questions. To address this, we will be providing detailed guidelines on how to use Skype for transaction verification. These guidelines will be posted soon to ensure a smooth transition for everyone. Our goal is to make this process as easy and seamless as possible.

Appreciation for Survey Participants

For those who participated in the survey, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your feedback was invaluable in helping us make this decision. We are committed to ensuring that this transition is beneficial for all our partners and enhances the services we provide.

Next Steps and Support

In the coming days, please stay tuned for the detailed guidelines on our new verification process via Skype. We will provide step-by-step instructions and support to help you get accustomed to the new system. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period.

Looking Forward

We believe this change will lead to a more streamlined and efficient process, benefiting all our partners. Your cooperation and support are crucial as we implement this new system. Together, we can make this transition smooth and successful.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. We look forward to continuing to serve you better with this new and improved system.