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Password Reset Request Form

Your password has been blocked or invalid? Possible reasons why any or both of your password(s) has been blocked :

  • You have exceeded the maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts on the Webtool. (or someone may be trying to access your account without your knowledge)
  • You nominated the same password for both FL and SL Password.
  • You did not change your passwords within the time allowed.

For complete information about LoadCentral Login Related Issues, please visit FAQs.

  • Your account MUST BE UPDATED. If you haven’t updated your account eversince you got activated, please update your LoadCentral account before filling out this password reset request form.
  • Requests tied to a LoadCentral account that is NOT updated will automatically be rejected.
  • Attached government issued ID must be CLEAR and NOT EXPIRED. Please see the list of ACCEPTABLE government issued IDs.

After the password reset, you will have  UNTIL MIDNIGHT of the same day to unlock your account and change your password(s).

As soon as you have unlocked your account, you must change your password immediately.

So please make sure to monitor your email for the successful reset notification.

Please ensure that you are NOT using the Facebook browser or opening our link from Facebook Messenger. The attached file button will not work when using the ‘Browse Files’ link through the Facebook browser.

Unless you have disabled the Facebook internal web browser and configured your Facebook settings to open links externally.

To be certain, please copy and paste the URL of this page and use Chrome, Safari, or any other browser installed on your device,

    Loadcentral Account Information

    Last Name

    First Name

    Middle Initial

    Email Address

    Loadcentral Username

    Loadcentral Account

    Loadcentral Password To Reset

    Please Provide Your Client ID.

    NOTE: Not sure which password to reset? Usage of passwords depends on the type of LoadCentral account. If you're not sure which one to reset, please refer to article - How LoadCentral FL and SL Passwords are Used?


    Please Attach a Clear Image of your valid government issued ID. DO NOT use Facebook browser. Again, "Choose File" button might not work. Use Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari or any other browser your have installed on your device.

    Files accepted: .png, .jpg, .jpeg. MAXIMUM file size : 10mb. Please change the size of your image as needed. Don't make it too big or too small. If the picture is too large, you can resize it using Adobe's Free Online Image Resize Tool.

    We will never use your submitted information for any purpose other than verifying your submitted details, specifically for matching the details you provided with the registered LoadCentral account. Thank you!

    Just Click Once!

    and wait for the page to refresh or for the confirmation message to appear. Please avoid repeatedly clicking the submit button. This may take awhile depending on your connection. Thank you for your patience. Also, please check your email for your request number . If it's not in your inbox, check your SPAM folder. Thank you!

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