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We understand the importance of convenient payment options when replenishing your LoadCentral wallet at That’s why we offer several trusted channels to make the

Minimum Deposit Amount •

Minimum Deposit Amount

For regular LoadCentral retailers, the least amount you can deposit per transaction is ₱500.00 subject to to Service Terms & Conditions. Ensuring Adequate Transaction Verification Transaction Verification

Please check the following pages for guidelines on requesting verification for your deposit transaction through your preferred payment channel. BPI GCash Maya BDO

Transaction Verification Schedule •

Transaction Verification Schedule

The deposit verification cut-off time with is an important step when you add money to your LoadCentral wallet or when you pay for Subdealer

Transaction Verification Delays •

Transaction Verification Delays

At, we carefully verify and process deposits and wallet replenishments in the order we receive them. In most cases, we strive to replenish your

Transaction Refund •

Transaction Refund

We want to inform you that at, we have a firm policy regarding transaction refund. Our policy states that we do not provide any

Deposit Fees & Service Fees •

Deposit Fees & Service Fees

At, we don’t charge any deposit & service fees. You won’t have to worry about any extra charges. However, there might be fees imposed

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