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Before submitting a support ticket, please make a reasonable effort to search our website for the information you are looking for. Our Knowledge Base Section below may give you the answers you seek before opening a support ticket for information that is readily available on our website.

How to follow up ePins.biz Wallet Replenishment?

in Deposit Verification
Open a support ticket online at http://support.epins.biz. But before you open a ticket for follow-up please be reminded of the following :

  • Did you send it during weekends?
    - We do not have deposit verification and wallet replenishment during Saturdays and Sundays
  • Is it a Holiday?
    - We do not have deposit verification and wallet replenishment during Holidays.
  • Did you submit your deposit details AFTER 3:00pm?
    - If your answer is yes, your deposit will be automatically credited the NEXT BUSINESS DAY
  • Have you checked your email for any notification in case there's a problem with your submitted deposit details?
    - We always reply your deposit details if there's an error or discrepancy. Please check your Inbox. If its not there, check your SPAM folder.
  • Are you aware of ePins.biz Advisory Facebook Page?
    - Please our Facebook Advisories Page to see if the bank system is down or if we have internet service interruption?
  • Has it been more than 24 hours?
    - As mentioned, deposit verification and wallet replenishment is done WITHIN THE DAY. follow ups are only entertained AFTER 24 hours. Please refer to ePins.biz Service Terms & Conditions.
Information needed when opening a support ticket

When opeining a support ticket please choose “LOADCENTRAL ACCOUNT ISSUE” in the drop down menu and provide the following :

  • Full Name :
  • Registered Mobile #:
  • ePinsbiz.com Deposit Verification Request # :

If you do not agree with ePins.biz Service Terms & Conditions…

Depositing to ANY ePins.bis bank accounts is NOT mandatory. You have the option to deposit directly to Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc. You can find the list of UNIWIZ bank accounts on this PAGE.

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We understand that you might require support at some point and we are here to help. If you cant find answers and solutions to more complicated technical LoadCentral account issues, please open a support ticket online at http://support.epins.biz.

When opening a support ticket make sure to choose the appropriate help topic before submitting your ticket to avoid response delays and include as many details as you can (with screenshot if possible).

The more information you provide to us, the better and faster we will be able to help you. The less information you provide, the more questions we will need to ask you, which will take time and result in it taking longer to fix things.