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Update your LoadCentral Account Information

Please inform right away if you have a new address, contact number, or if you have changed your name or any other personal account details. This also applies if you are a newly activated LoadCentral retailer registered under Once your LoadCentral account is updated, you will automatically qualify for the latest LoadCentral promotions.

You can find a list of acceptable valid IDs to verify your identity.

To update your information and prove your identity, please use this page. The processing time is usually 3 to 5 business days.

For security reasons, we need you to provide a clear image of a valid government-issued ID. You can either digitally scan it or take a photo using your device. The ID you submit must be acceptable, valid and not expired.

This Form is NOT for Registration

To sign up, go to to find complete instructions on how to start your LoadCentral reloading business. Make sure your personal details are current by completing the form provided below. 

Please note that does not accept changes to personal information through phone calls, emails or Facebook Messenger.

    Registered Info

    Please provide your Registered LoadCentral information that has been activated by Make sure they are correct to prevent any processing delays. This form is EXCLUSIVE to LoadCentral retailers and subdealers.

    Registered Mobile #

    Registered Email Address

    Your Client ID (What’s my Client ID?)

    Reason for Update

    Personal Information

    In order to protect your account, we need to know who you are. Please make sure to provide accurate information and ensure the spellings are correct.

    Last Name

    First Name

    Middle Initial


    Birth Date

    Facebook Profile

    NOTE : We will NOT contact you on Facebook. We will ask YOU to contact US on our Facebook PAGE if needed. Your Facebook profile will only be used as REFERENCE and for verification purposes only. Please provide the FULL URL. Buong web address po ang kailangan namin.

    NOTE : or>>

    Contact Information

    Make sure your contact information is accurate and current so that the main office can easily contact you for promotions and updates.

    Home Address


    Province Indicate “Metro Manila” if the address of your business is located in Metro Manila – not where your province is.

    Home Contact #

    Business Information

    If you do not own or not operating a business, please indicate N/A on all fields under this category.

    Business Name

    Business Address


    Province Indicate “Metro Manila” if the address of your business is located in Metro Manila – not where your province is.

    Business Contact #

    Identification Information

    ID Type (Please see the List of Acceptable Valid ID’s.)

    ID Number


    Please Attach a Clear Image of your valid government issued ID. DO NOT use Facebook browser. Again, “Choose File” button might not work. Use Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari or any other browser your have installed on your device.

    Files accepted: .png, .jpg, .jpeg. MAXIMUM file size : 3mb. Please change the size of your image as needed. Don’t make it too big or too small. If the picture is too large, you can resize it using Adobe’s Free Online Image Resize Tool.

    We’ll never use your submitted info for anything other than updating your LoadCentral account and will not be used for any other unrelated purposes. Thank you.

    Just Click Once!

    and wait for the page to refresh or for the confirmation message to appear. Please avoid repeatedly clicking the submit button. This may take awhile depending on your connection. Thank you for your patience. Also, please check your email for your request number . If it’s not in your inbox, check your SPAM folder. Thank you!

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