We would like to provide you with the List of ALL LoadCentral Access Numbers (LCAN). Before reaching out to us regarding any issues with SMS responses, we kindly request you to double-check if you are sending your syntax to the correct LCAN. To ensure smooth communication, please note that the LoadCentral Access Numbers listed on this page are the ONLY OFFICIAL ones.

From personal experience, it is advisable to send your SMS to the corresponding LCAN network. For instance, if you are using a Globe SIM, it is recommended to send your SMS to a Globe LCAN as well. This will help ensure a smoother and more efficient communication process.

Smart Access Numbers

0919 160 2250
0920 945 6856
0920 945 6857

Globe Access Numbers

0917 866 2418

Please note that standard SMS rates apply unless you have subscribed to your network’s UNLI promo or if you have a postpaid account with the ALL NET UNLI TEXT activated service. In such cases, you will be able to enjoy unlimited texting benefits.